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Initial Consultation

This is the starting point for all new clients!


You may choose to complete the initial consultation only, with follow-up consultation held as needed OR you may choose from one of the programs offered. 


An initial consultation is divided into 2 appointments:

  • The first appointment will require up to 60-minutes.  This time will be spent reviewing your intake forms and questionnaires, labs, and other medical records, providing Dr. Ross with a clear picture of your goals and health history so a personalized plan can be created. 

  • The second appointment will require up to 60-minutes.  During this time, Dr. Ross will review your personalized nutrition plan with you.  This time will provide more in-depth details about your plan and provide you with the tools to help you succeed.

Your personalized plan will include specific:

  • Dietary recommendations

  • Exercise protocol

  • Stress management protocol

  • Suggestions for optimal sleep

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Laboratory testing recommendations, if needed

  • Other lifestyle recommendations as needed

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